1.) Some days your head is going to be so loud that the only way to silence your thoughts its to imagine a gun silencing them for you.
2.) The sadness will poison your mind in live in your bones.
3.) There are going to be moments, hours, days, even weeks, where the only thing you will be able to do is tear yourself into so many pieces that you won’t be able to put yourself back together they way you were before.
4.) There is no cure but sleep is a damn good medicine.
5.) No matter what the books say, the mysterious boy from your first period is not going to see sadness in your eyes. He’s too busy looking at the girl two rows behind you with the blue eyes and the clean wrists.
6.) You can scream all you want but the only people who can hear you are those who are screaming with you.

 6 things they don’t tell you about being sad (via anxieusly)